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AWDis Kids Hoodie – JH001B

From £10.89 Excl. VAT

If you are looking for leavers hoodies for kids or other embroidered or printed kids hoodies the JH001B from AWD is perfect, with a wide range of colour options to choose from.

AWDis Kids Urban Varsity Zoodie – JH051B

From £16.90 Excl. VAT

The AWD JH051B is a kids urban varsity zip up hoodie.  With full length zip, contrasting sleeves and cuff detail as well as contrasting inner hood the JH051B is a retro style hoodie for kids.

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AWDis Kids Varsity Hoodie – JH003B

From £11.32 Excl. VAT

The JH003B is a kids varsity hoodie with a contrast inner hood. If you are looking for embroidered kids hoodies with contrasting colours the JH003B is our most popular style.

AWDis Kids Varsity Zoodie – JH053B

From £13.80 Excl. VAT

The AWD JH053B is a kids varsity zoodie with contrasting zip and inner hood.  If you are looking for branded kids zipped hoodies the JH053B is a great option.

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AWDis Kids Zoodie – JH050B

From £13.41 Excl. VAT

If you’re looking for branded kids zip up hoodies, the JH050B meets all the requirements and comes in a wide range of colours.