Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire SP Workwear provide embroidered and printed workwear clothing to businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK

We help companies stand out from their competition and enhance their corporate identity through branded clothing & uniform.  From a simple one off t-shirt print for a window display to a whole host of decorated garments for a show or exhibition SP Workwear can help.

If you need help to decide whether embroidery or vinyl print would work best for your logo or type of event just ask.  We can advise the best solution depending on the application your branded clothing will be used for.  We can also help suggest to best garments for your industry or business.


How Can We Help You?

  • Branded workwear & clothing
  • Sports clothing & team kit
  • One-off clothing
  • Industry specific & unbranded clothing
  • Fulfilment & online order portals

Service is Key

We know it’s difficult to order branded clothing online so we’re always available to help.  If you have any queries at all just call us on 01628 308810.

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If you’re in a spot of bother and need something in a hurry, just give us a call.  We’ll always do our best to try and help.


We work with all types of industries from small sole traders and t-shirt enthusiasts to Global corporate companies – no order is too big or small.

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Embroidery is a large part of our business and one of our best selling items is the embroidered polo shirt, a functional favourite of many businesses and organisations.  So that we can brand clothing with your logo we need to digitise your logos and designs which then allows us embroider clothing in great detail.  Ideal for workwear, embroidery is long lasting and looks great.  If you are looking at personalising each garment differently embroidery may not be the best solution. Similarly, if your design has small detailing or text then it is worth looking at alternative solutions.


Our specialist machines enable us to print full colour logos and text onto various types of garment media.  The finish is very vibrant and long lasting.  Printed vinyl clothing is great for jobs like printing shirt sponsor logos onto football shirts and training tops.  Unlike embroidery and screen printing, with printed vinyl clothing there are no set up costs so small quantities, as well as large quantities, are not a problem.

Sponsor Logo Printing

If you are part of a sports team or group with sponsors then vinyl printed clothing is the best way to apply the sponsor’s logos to your clothing.  We use special media vinyl that blocks out the colour of the garment so the logos ‘pop’ and look sharp and are easily visible.  For example, if your sponsor’s logo is a white colour and you have a dark striped garment our specialist vinyls will ensure that the striped garment does not show where the sponsor’s logo is printed onto the top.


Cut vinyl is extremely vibrant and an easy way to personalise a garment.  Available in many different colours and textures, cut vinyl decals are great for team tops, band t-shirts, stag do clothing – unlike printed vinyl, standard cut vinyl is 1 colour.  You can layer colours on top of one another but is mainly used in 1 or 2 colours.  This is a great way to produce personalised clothing in small or large quantities.


Dye Sublimation is a process where a garment (100% polyester) absorbs the dye at a certain temperature.  The design is then part of the garment, not on top like a screen print, and this process means you can print full colour logos and photos onto clothing.  The garments still retain a ‘cotton-feel’ because the design is part of the fabric.  The limitations are that the garment ideally needs to be 100% polyester and needs to be white or a pale colour as the process does not use white ink – any areas of the design which are white would show as the colour of the fabric.

Dye Sublimation is a great solution for small quantities of items with full colour photos or logos on t-shirts or running vests featuring sponsor logos, charity names, etc.


When a large quantity of clothing is required, screen printing is usually the most cost effective method.  This involves the application of a ‘paint’ like ink that is passed through a mesh screen and onto the clothing or garment.  Ideal for large quantities and small numbers of colours in the artwork.  In order to complete a screen printing order we would need vectorised artwork so we can separate the colours in the logo.  This is because each colour in the artwork requires a different ‘screen’ for the ink to pass through.  For more information or to get a screen printing quote call us on 01628 308810.


We also offer DTG, or Direct-To-Garment printing on t-shirts.  This is a great solution for anything from 1 item to a few hundred, particularly where there are multiple colours or photographic designs as the artwork is printed directly onto the fabric with no screen or setup fees involved.  It only tends to work on high cotton content fabric (min 80% cotton).


It’s time to Stand Out from your competition with our 3D Embroidery using a product called ‘high build’.  This is a great technique if you are looking for something a little different or special to give your workwear, uniform or team kit a bit of an edge…


Compared with standard embroidery, high build actual sews a foam material underneath the stitches to raise the profile of the embroidery giving a great 3d effect.  The foam is 100% washable and looks fantastic!  See the image above showing a standard embroidered jacket on the right and a 3d logo on the left…


3d Embroidery works really well on hats & caps.  These are ideal for merchandising or giveaways as they add great perceived value.

To get a quote on 3d embroidered items (bags, clothing, caps etc) for your logo – whether you’re a business, a sports team or something in between just give us a call or email.


Digitising is a term that describes taking a logo or design and converting it into a format that an embroidery machine can understand.  Not only does it contain the shapes and colours that make up the logo but it also contains stitch information such as stitch patterns, stitch density, stitch directions and more.  It is extremely important to get this right when converting a logo for embroidery.

Digitise Logos

 Digitising is a specialist process that is not usually undertaken by graphic designers as the software that is needed is very specialised and completely bespoke to embroidery.  A standard graphics package such as Photoshop or CorelDraw does not have the capability of inserting stitch information into a design.

Take the design above – the first image is the logo in standard format (such as jpeg), the second is the logo in its digitised format containing all relevant stitch information.  The third image is a stitched sample using the .dst format file from image two.

We offer digitising services and usually sample the design onto a piece of cotton prior to any clothing branding.  We also make adjustments where necessary at no extra charge.

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